San Gabriel Arcángel - History

History of San Gabriel Arcángel

In 1771, the arrival of 10 more Franciscan Missionaries at the headquarters of Father Serra in Monterey gave new impetus to his plans. Immediately, he moved to close the long gap between his own San Carlos Borroméo de Carmelo near …

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San Gabriel Arcángel - Brief History

Brief History of San Gabriel Arcángel

The fourth of the California missions, the San Gabriel Arcángel Mission, had three sites. The first place proposed was well inland from the ocean near the river that is now called Santa Ana. After arriving there, the Founding Fathers decided …

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Mission San Gabriel Arcángel - Cardinell Vincent Postcards Collection

Mission San Gabriel Arcángel

The site chosen for Mission San Gabriel Arcángel was well inland from the ocean on the Rio de los Temblores, now called River Santa Ana. However, once at the spot, the two Franciscan Missionaries charged by Father Serra with the …

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